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Rescuer na Tumulong sa mga Binaha sa Cagayan, Binawian ng Buhay Matapos Makuryente



Typhoon Ulysses had left destruction upon its wake. On November 12, thousands of families in central Luzon were flooded due to the relentless downpour and strong winds. But even after Typhoon Ulysses has finally left the Philippine Area of Responsibility, many Filipinos in Cagayan and Isabela still have to deal with the flooding from Magat Dam.

After the Magat Dam released water, thousands of residents were submerged in flood water. Their homes were also flooded, which prompted for an immediate rescue in the areas in Cagayan and Isabela. In some parts of the provinces, flood reached as high as 15 feet, endangering the lives of the residents.

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However, due to the dire situation, rescuers were also overwhelmed. To help ease the situation, many volunteers risked their life to rescue the stranded residents from their homes. Among those brave rescuers was Kelly Villarao, a frontliner from Brgy. Linao, Tuguegarao City who risked his life and limb to help others amid the flooding.

According to Ian Saquing Manggay, Kelly was among the volunteer rescuers who joined the rescue operation in their Barangay. Sadly, he lost his life while trying to save others. A live wire snapped, which electrocuted Kelly.

“Your heroic story will be kept forever in the hearts of every Cagayanoes. For those who might ask, isa po siya sa mga rescuers na nakuryente during the rescue operation sa Linao Tuguegarao,” wrote Manggay on Facebook.

In his passing, the heroic rescuer left his wife and their five-month-old son. Many netizens are now raising awareness about his inspirational story. They are also raising funds for the deceased’s grieving family.

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Netizens, Ipinagluksa ang Biglaang Pagpanaw ng Beteranong Singer na si April Boy Regino



A few weeks before the year 2020 ends, another tragedy struck. Millions of people are mourning the passing of an iconic star in Philippine showbiz industry. April Boy Regino, a popular OPM singer and composer, passed away on the early morning of April 29, Sunday. This heartbreaking news was shared on social media by his loved ones.

His brother, Vingo Regino, shared the news on his Facebook account. “This day is so brother April Boy is gone,” wrote Vingo. However, he did not specify the cause of the singer’s passing. He was only 51 years old when he passed away.

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As expected, this news came as a shock to many fans on social media. Even though April Boy Regino is no longer active in his music career, his legacy as a great singer and iconic composer lives on. He is known for his hits such as “Paano ang Puso Ko,” “Umiiyak ang Puso Ko,” and perhaps his most popular song, “Hindi ko Kayang Tanggapin.”

While Vingo did not specify the cause of April Boy’s passing, some netizens speculated that it may have something to do with his failing health. For a few years now, the singer has been battling with prostate cancer and heart problems. He also went blind in one eye due to diabetes.

On social media, fans are extending their condolences and prayers for the family. Many netizens couldn’t believe that the singer was indeed gone. Some people even commented that 2020 is truly the worst year ever Earlier this year, phenomenal stars like Eddie Garcia, Emman Nimedez, and Lloyd Cadena also passed away.

Even though he passed away, April Boy Regino’s legacy will continue to live on. As of now, fans are still waiting for any updates about his wake.

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Ama, Kalaboso ni Tulfo Matapos Pagsamantalahan at Buntisin ang Sariling Anak sa Loob ng 14 Years!




Earlier this week, Raffy Tulfo and his staff have rescued a woman who has been abused by her father. To protect the identity of the complainant and her kids, Tulfo did not release their identities to the public. According to the complainant, the abuse allegedly started when she was just nine years old.

For so many years, her father has been sexually abusing her, until the evil father treated her like his wife. It even came to a point when she was impregnated five times. By the time she finally speak up about the abuse, her father had already been abusing her for 14 years.

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The victim was assaulted multiple times by her own father to the point that she bore his children. Her two other children passed away, but her three other surviving kids live with them in the house.

To rescue the a, Raffy Tulfo and his staff coordinated with the local law enforcement authorities. The operation was led by Lt. Col. Romulo Albacea, who personally arrested the evil father. He was then taken into custody and his illegal firearm was confiscated.

During his interview with the police officers, the suspect, who was a known ‘manggamot’ in the area, denied the allegations. In spite of this, his possession of illegal firearms charge is already enough for the police to keep him in custody.

On the other hand, Tulfo promised to extend help and financial assistance to the victim and her children. He also pledged that he will help her to attain justice.

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Watch the rest of the video below:

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Crane Operator, Emosyonal Matapos Sampahan ng Kaso Dahil sa Skyway Accident sa Muntinlupa



A Skyway accident in Muntinlupa City resulted to a loss of life. In November 21, around 8:50 in the morning, the girder between two posts of the north-bound Skyway extension fell on the vehicles in the streets. One motorcycle rider was declared dead in the hospital, while eight other drivers were rushed to the hospital for their injuries. Fingers pointed at the crane operator, who allegedly caused the girder to fall.

According to Manila Bulletin, Muntinlupa police identified the crane operator as Enrico Gregorio, 41 years old, a resident of Molino 3, Bacoor Cavite. A few minutes before the accident, Gregorio was moving the crane when its boom hit the girder. EEI Corp. representatives claimed that there was negligence on the operator’s part.

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The crane operator is currently under custody of Muntinlupa Police and will be facing a comlpaint of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide, multiple injuries, and damage to property. According to ABS-CBN, Gregorio was emotional during the inquest proceeding.

“Emosyonal ang operator ng nadiskaril na crane ng Skyway sa pagharap sa inquest proceeding sa Muntinlupa City Police Headquarters. Wala siyang abugado at hindi rin niya umano naiintindihan ang batas,” reported ABS-CBN.

The EEI Corp. representative noted that the “operator made a maneuver which was not part of standard movement when making maneuver.” They will also conduct a thorough investigation about the accident and will submit it to the Muntinlupa City government.

Meanwhile, Ramon Ang, San Miguel Corp. president, expressed his condolences to the aggrieved family. He also promised that they will be providing assistance for the hospitalization and treatment of the other injured drivers.

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Do you think the crane operator should be held responsible for this accident? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

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