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“I’m gonna lose my baby brother..”- Liza Soberano, Emosyonal para sa Kanyang Kapatid



Liza Soberano is one of the most popular actresses in the Philippine showbiz industry. But aside from being a talented artist, Liza is also know for her good attributes. The Kapamilya actress is loving and family-oriented. In her past interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda,” Liza opened up about the time when she found out that her brother Justin, is going to be a father.

She shares that her young brother, Justin has already entered fatherhood. When she heard about the news, Liza was truly shocked. However, she was not angry or disappointed at her brother. She merely can’t believe that her younger brother is now going to be a father.

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“When I found out of course, I was shocked. I cried. I was like ‘Oh my gosh, what are we going to do now?’ I didn’t get mad at him. I got mad at the situation, he wasn’t around when I found out. I guess I was able to let it kinda simmer down, then I talked to him.”

In the end, Liza Soberano and her family decided to support Justin as he enters a new chapter in his life. She also gave an important advice to Justin, saying that he needs to step up and be more mature.

Liza says she cried upon hearing the news that Justin is about to become a Dad. The tears were not brought by her anger but she just felt that she is going to lose her baby brother. After letting everything simmer down, Liza talked to Justin and reminded him to be more mature in facing the challenges ahead.

During her interview, Liza claims that they are already in good terms even though they’re not seeing one another often.

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Watch Liza’s video below:

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Kilalanin ang pangalawang anak ni Willie Revillame na agaw-atensyon ang ganda sa social media




57 year old actor and host Willie Revillame may have unfortunate fate when it comes to his love life and marriage life, but he is blessed to have kids that love him for the rest of the life.

Aside from Meryll Soriano, the actress and his eldest daughter, Willie also has another daughter named Marimonte Viduya Revillame.

The teenager daughter of the billionaire host never showed any interest in showbiz. She is living her life peacefully in Baguio City but often travels around with family, especially with her sister Meryll.

“To those who haven’t heard her name, Kuya Wil already introduced Marimonte—or Monty for short—during his now-defunct ABS-CBN television show “Wowowee” in 2007. Monty was only 3-years-old when the TV host revealed her to the public. The viewers, on the other hand, during that time were shocked by what he revealed.” According to

Added the website, “As of this moment, this young girl has now grown up to be a very lovely woman. Browsing through social media account. Particularly on Facebook, Monty never hesitates sharing pictures of her vacations with her family and friend. We can’t also deny that fact that she and her older sister Meryll are very close to each other as seen on their selfies.”

During Monty’s short appearance in the TV show, Willie talked about their first every phone call.

“Kasi ho, anak ko to e,” patuloy ng host habang kausap ang audience. “Actually, pangalawang beses ko na siyang nakita nung maliit pa siya. Nung ikakasal na ko ulit, tumawag sa ‘kin yong kanyang mommy.” he said.

“Kinausap niya ako, ‘Gusto ka daw kausapin ng baby mo.’ Sabi ng bata, ‘Hello? Willie? Ikaw ba tatay ko?’ Tapos sabi ko, ‘Oo.’ Sabi niya, ‘Ikakasal ka na naman?’ Ang cute, di ba?” Willie added.

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Loisa Andalio, Nagsalita Na Tungkol Sa Issue Ng Pagsasama Nila Sa Iisang Bahay Ni Ronnie Alonte




PBB alum Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio’s career went crazily successful after the two continued teaming up as on screen partners on several projects. After being linked inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, the couple established a strong chemistry that the fans love to death.

Recently, the couple hinted the public about already living together when Ronnie posted a mysterious photo on his Instagram account.

Thousands of questions and speculations later, Loisa finally cleared up the issue.

Photo from Google

“Kasi, kami ni Ronnie, parang magkapitbahay na kasi kami, e.

“Laguna, ‘tapos Cavite. Kumbaga, isang exit…

“Kumbaga, parang ganoon lang namin kamahal ang isa’t isa, na lagi kami magkasama, na akala nila mag-live in kami kasi lagi kami magkasama.” the actress said.

Photo from Google

Them being engaged and settling down together has always been their fans’ hunch because of Ronnie’s open plans of them being married anytime soon.

“Lagi ko naman sinasabi sa kanya iyon na nararamdaman ko iyon.” the actor replied when asked about his desire to be Loisa’s husband.

“Siyempre, kami, na parang alam naman ho namin na madami na naman pagsusubok na pagdadaanan.

Photo from Google

“Hindi ganoon kahaba relasyon namin, pero alam naman po namin sa isa’t isa na kaya.

“Kaya lagi ko po sa kanya pinapaalala araw-araw, ‘Uy, pagdating isang araw…’ Magkasama na kami sa isang bahay. Papakasal kami.

“Excited na ako sa mga puwede mangyari sa aming dalawa.” he added.

Photo from Google

On a separate interview, the actor even revealed that he became more serious on his job because of his plans in the future.

“Kasi po dati, relax lang po ako, hindi po ako seryoso sa trabaho,” he admitted.

“Binigyan ako ng ganung kalaking proyekto, Seklusyon, VKJ, Bloody Crayons, relax. As in. Hindi pa seryoso.”

“Well, hindi naman po ako masyadong kinakabahan, may kumpiyansa pa rin ako na kaya natin ‘to. Pero siyempre, kabado ka dahil siguro ngayon po, seryoso po ako, nag-mature na.

Photo from Google

“At gagawin ko po ang lahat para maligayahan ang lahat na panoorin ang movie namin.” he continued.

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Pops Fernandez, Umalma! Itinangging Siya ang Bagong Babae na Nagpapatibok sa Puso ni Derek Ramsay



For a few weeks now, Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres’ break-up has been the talk of the town. In November, the former celebrity couple revealed that they are ending their relationship after dating for one year and four months. The cause of their break-up was not divulged, but some netizens quickly jumped to conclusions. Some people claimed that a third party might have been involved.

A fitness model was dragged into the controversy. Aya Tubillo shared a selfie with Derek on IG, and this caused some netizens to speculate if she’s the actor’s newfound love interest.

Even singer Pops Fernandez was not safe from the prying eyes of the critics, and she was even mistaken as Derek’s new girlfriend.

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It all stemmed from a video greeting that Pops prepared for Derek’s mom way back in November. Since then, some netizens gave a shrewd meaning with this video, and claimed that Pops seems to be close with Derek’s family.

But in a recent interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal, the icon finally cleared the matter once and for all.

“It’s okay to ask about it because it’s absolutely not true. I just don’t wanna talk about it because I felt Derek and Andrea are not really talking about it. Ang weird naman na ako yung magsasalita, right? Anyway, hindi po siya totoo. How it started, hindi ko rin po alam,” says Pops during a virtual press conference for her upcoming musical show with Martin Nievera.

According to Pops, since the rumors started, she was plagued with messages and comments on social media. Even some of her close friends from the United States sent her a private message, eager to know if the rumors were indeed true. What’s worse is Pops doesn’t even have an idea on how they all started.

The singer was also disturbed after seeing videos on Youtube, discussing how she might be Derek’s new girlfriend. She also urged the netizens to be more mindful in what they hear and see on social media. At the end of the day, it pays to know the truth.

“How it started, again, I don’t know. But unfortunately, ang masakit noon, ang dali palang maniwala ng mga tao ngayon! I mean, once it’s posted in Youtube and sunod sunod na, parang no one really bothered to find out the truth about it. Hindi po totoo,” clarified the singer-performer.

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