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Kasambahay na Pinag-Aral ng Amo, Labis ang Pasasalamat Matapos Maka-Graduate



Education plays an important role in our lives. As the old adage goes, education is a wealth that no one can steal from you. Because of this, most people work hard all of their lives just to finish schooling. Among them is this house helper, whose dream of finishing school never wavered even though she’s working. Because of this, her employer decided to help her reach her dreams of finishing school.

Alfonsa Tilasa works as a house helper. Born to a poor fmaily, Alfonsa was forced to sacrifice her education in order to get a job. In spite of this, she never lost her passion and will to study. Seeing her determination, Alfonsa’s employer, Marivic Gumban Flores, decided to help her out.

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Marivic willingly supported Alfonsa’s studies. While she’s working as their house maid, she’s also going to school in the morning. The kindhearted employer shoulders all of Alfonsa’s fees in school. In addition to this, she also pays Alfonsa her monthly salary. This set-up went on for many years.

Even though it’s tough juggling her studies as well as her job, Alfonsa was determined to perform well in both. There are times when she had to work harder during her exams, but fortunately, her considerate employer is very understanding of her situation.

Finally, in April 2019, Alfonsa finally finished her studies! She graduated with flying colors under the program Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in ASCI College Iloilo. During her graduation, she also bagged the “Best in Thesis” Award.

In her victory, Alfonsa is not the only person who is proud of her achievement. Flores is also proud and delighted to see that her loyal house helper has finally reached her dreams. She also shared Alfonsa’s inspirational story on social media, in an effort to inspire others.

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Iniwan ng Babaeng ito ang Asawa Niya Para sa Seaman, Pero Pagbabayaran Niya ang Kataksilan Niya sa Huli




It takes years to build a steady marriage, but only a few temptations to break it. For Marietta and Roger, the temptation came when the housewife became hooked on Facebook. At first, Marietta only used social media out of boredom. But later on, she found out that she can get something more from it.

In their ten years of marriage, Marrieta has already been fed up with her husband. She’s frustrated that Roger cannot give her the lavish lifestyle she always wanted. Roger works as a baker in a local coffee shop, and his meager income is only enough for their three kids.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Instead of trying to help her husband, Marietta hatched a plan to leave him. She used Lino, a seaman she met on Facebook to leave her husband. Lino earns triple than what Roger makes in a year, and he is also interested in Marietta. Blinded by greed, Marietta left her family and ran away with her newfound lover while carrying her husband’s savings.

They went to Lino’s hometown in Cavite. The high-maintenance woman was expecting a large townhouse, but she was dismayed after seeing a small shack. According to Lino, his dream house is still under renovation that’s why they had to live here. For the meantime, Lino urged Marietta to use his husband’s savings while his money is still being ‘processed by the bank.’

This photo is for illustrative purposes only.

At first, Marietta believed her lover’s lies. She spent their savings on buying expensive items and eating in lavish restaurants. All this time, Lino claimed that his money is already coming soon. However, one day, Marietta just woke up to find that Lino is already gone! What’s even worse, he took Marietta’s money with him.

It turns out that Lino is actually a con-man who stalks lonely women on Facebook. After luring them into his trap, he will then drain them of money. Brokenhearted, Marietta couldn’t believe that she has been played in her very own game!

In the end, Marietta regretted her actions and tried to go back to her husband, but Roger is no longer willing to accept his unfaithful wife. Instead, the loving father decided to focus on raising his kids well even without their mother. He might have lost his unfaithful wife, but what matters is he still got his kids with him.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only.


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Sanggol na Ideneklara ng Doctor na Wala ng Buhay Matapos Ipanganak, Biglang Nagising Matapos Yakapin at Gawin ng Kanyang Ina Ang Bagay na Ito



As the old adage goes, there’s nothing more powerful in the world than a mother’s love. A mother’s love can move mountains and cross oceans, and in this case, it can even save the life of her child! A video made rounds on social media showing how a lifeless infant ‘came back to life’ after the mother prayed to God.

The baby was believed to be dead, but the mom prayed to Heaven, the baby came to life again. The kid claimed it was a happy time and a pleasure of live. After the mother lifted her voice and pleaded with Heaven, the kid that the doctor had claimed was dead came to existence. This was a happy time, and netizens celebrated this news online.

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The knowledge was highly regarded as positive news as people brought praising to their various social media sites. Many people also thanked God for his mysterious work of restoring a dead infant.

The video images resulted in a major controversy among users of social media, some of whom doubted of God ‘s ability, others simply believed God could, and thanked him for doing good in human life. Check out some of the netizens’ comments below.

“The key is the woman who shouted in ‘faith’ that she did not only accept what had happened before her, she put her confidence in the only person who had healing power and who was resurrected! The woman’s faith moves God!”

“This will surely build your faith in God! A newborn baby was pronounced dead by doctors, but the mother lifted her voice and cried to God. The baby jacked back to life. Hallelujah! Never underestimate the power of a praying mother.”

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Watch the full video here:

How about you, were you also amazed with this video of a baby coming back to life? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

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Isang Mister, Ipinamigay ang Asawa Niya sa Ibang Lalaki Dahil sa Kahirapan ng Buhay!



Most men can’t help but feel jealous if they saw another man looking at their wife. But this one-of-a-kind husband even managed to give his wife away! This is the heartbreaking life story of Mae, a 25 year old woman whose husband gave her away to another man. Mae’s interview went viral on Youtube with thousands of views.

At the age of 25, Mae is half the age of her second husband, who is already 50 years old. They have three kids together, a 5-year-old boy, a 3-year-old girl, and another 5-month-old daughter. Her husband only earns P100 every day from helping cars to park.

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During her interview, Mae revealed that she was just 18 years old when she lived together with her first husband. Life was tough for the both of them, and soon enough, her husband decided to leave her in the care of another man. According to Mae, her first husband abandoned her because of their financial troubles.

One day, she just woke up and found that her first husband has gone away. During that time, she was left with the man twice her age, who eventually became her second husband. According to Mae, she doesn’t have any other choice but to go with him.

“Bali pinamigay lang din ako ng unang asawa ko din po dun sa kanya kasi nahirapan na din siya. Wala na din siyang maipakain. Umiiyak po ako nun na pinamigay niya ako sa iba. Iniwan niya na lang po ako kasi basta umalis na lang po siya. Kasi kung hindi ako sasama sa kanya, madidisgrasya lang din po daw ako dito.”

Life is difficult for Mae, but for the sake of her children, she never lost hope. Every day, she makes sure that her kids are well-taken care of. The hardworking mom also manages to budget their money to buy food and other necessities of their family.

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Mae was given a small help by the woman who interviewed her. You can watch her entire interview below:

Were you also touched with Mae’s life story? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

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