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Viral Beauty Queen na si Janina San Miguel, Inofferan ng P3M Kapalit ng One-Night Stand



In the Philippines, pageantry is a cutthroat industry. But just like most industries, beauty pageants also have its dark side. To win the crown, aspiring beauty queens are sometimes forced with indecent proposals. Among those who experienced this is Binibining Pilipinas 2008 Janina San Miguel, who finally broke her silence.

In a Channel News Asia Documentary, the former beauty queen broke her silence about what truly happens behind the stage. In 2008, Janina was crowned as Binibining Pilipinas. But her journey for the crown wasn’t easy, and during her interview, she spilled all her revelations about the dark side of pageantry.

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Janina San Miguel was only 17 years old when she was crowned Binibining Pilipinas. But before going into the pageant, she went through an arduous training for several months. Back then, as part of her training, she was even isolated from her family and friends.

After coveting the crown, Janina San Miguel thought that the worst was over. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Right after winning, the young beauty queen was flooded with indecent proposals from prominent male personalities, who offered her fortune and fame in exchange of sexual favors.

“Yung 25 million, ano ‘yung gagawin ka niyang parang girlriend. Bibigyan ka niya ng car, condo, resort, lahat. Ayun nga ‘yung maduming kalakaran nila. Ang dami talagang gustong maging girlfriend or wife ang isang beauty queen.”

In spite of these unpleasant and straight-out harassing experience, many Pinays are still striving to be a beauty queen. Indeed, pageantry is a multi-million industry in the Philippines. And as long as its crooked system is not corrected, it will continue to prey and capitalize on the dreams of young women, like Janina San Miguel.

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Alwyn Uytingco, nagpahiwatig ng pakikpag balikan sa kaniyang asawang si Jennica Garcia




Actor Alwyn Uytingco is determined to fix his family.

Last October 14, Jennica Garcia said in an interview with Lhar Santiago of 24 Oras that her estranged husband Alwyn is determined to rebuild their family.

“I am very thankful to Jesus because He heard my prayers. He gave me what I was hoping for—for Alwyn to come back [to] us. He expressed his desire for family restoration.” Jennica said.

In his Facebook post today, October 17, Alwyn announced to his followers that he and Jennica seem to have already settled things.

He started his post with the Arabic word “habibi,” which means “my love.”

Wrote Alwyn, “’Habibi’

“When God gives you something you don’t deserve, that’s what He calls grace.

“I have to admit, I don’t deserve my family. I don’t deserve a second chance.

“Please don’t get me wrong, I will do everything for another chance in this life.

“And I will fight the good fight to retake my family. Yet I realize that it’s impossible to achieve if I rely on my strength alone.”

The actor hopes that with God’s guidance, his relationship with Jennica will continue.

Alwyn also thanked his wife for not letting him go and for giving it a second chance to heal the wounds in their heart.

Alwyn’s promise, “Without God and His guidance, His grace.. I am with no purpose. And without my wife’s boundless patience and love… I will be lifeless. Thank you, mahal, for not quitting on me.

“Thank you for letting me continue this life we started together.

“Thank you for giving me a wonderful gift of ‘second chance’, and one that I don’t deserve at all.

“Just because the past is painful doesn’t mean the future will be.

“I will always be your Habibi. Till death do us part. I love you.”

Alwyn’s post includes a black-and-white silhouette photo of him and Jennica.

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Alex Gonzaga, ibinuyag na ang tunay na kuwento sa likod ng kaniyang miscarriage




TV host and social media influencer Alex Gonzaga revealed that she had lost her supposedly first pregnancy.

This would have been the eldest child of the actress and husband, Mikee Morada.

On her Instagram and Facebook this afternoon of Sunday, October 17, Alex shared with her followers the painful news.

According to the Lunch Out Loud host, it has been two months since she found out she was pregnant.

But three weeks ago she received “heartbreaking news.”

Wrote Alex, “Hi. 2 months ago we found out that I was pregnant and 3 weeks ago, we got a heartbreaking news that we might be having an anembryonic pregnancy (blighted ovum).

“Our doctor advised us to wait for the process to naturally take its course.

“So we had to wait for awhile for the pregnancy to finally end before we can tell our story.”

Blighted ovum or anembryonic pregnancy is a condition in which the fertilized egg is attached to the uterine wall but its embryo does not develop.

Alex added that their faith in the Lord was tested in the days they waited for her pregnancy to be completed. They said they hoped for a miracle to continue her pregnancy.

But the embryo was not really formed in her womb so they are closing this part of her first pregnancy.

“The waiting and praying tested our faith and there were a lot of crying.

“Everyday we were clinging on to a miracle that an embryo would still appear but last Tuesday, the Lord’s will prevailed and we finally closed the book of our first pregnancy.”


Added her, “We share our story to give hope that in the midst of this pain and loss the Lord will always sustain you.

“To any couple who’s going through this or who might go through this pain, don’t ever lose hope.

“It’s not your fault this happened. At your own pace you can start to grieve and heal.

“Mikee and I held on to our Lord Jesus to prepare and help us accept our situation.

“He blessed us with a kind of LOVE that is ready to understand. We know that in His perfect time He will bless us with our ultimate desire.”

She also penned a message to their unborn child, “To our baby whom we almost had, thank you for giving mommy and daddy joy even for a short span.”

“Lastly, thank you to everyone who gave us time to heal.”

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Bea Alonzo, Tila may Hugot Muli Para sa Kaniyang Ex sa Kaniyang First Guesting sa Bubble Gang




Viral muli ang aktres na si Bea Alonzo matapos ang kaniyang kauna-unahang guesting sa longtime running late night gag show na Bubble Gang sa kaniyang bagong home networrk, ang GMA.

Bukod sa matagal nang pangarap ng aktres na mag guest sa nasabing show ay tila punong-puno din ng hugot ang kaniyang unang appearance sa Bubble Gang.

Sa isang teaser na ipinost ng show, mapapanuod na si Bea ay nagsasalita tungkol sa pag “iinvest” sa kaniyang boyfriend ngunit sa kasamaang palad ay nakuha ito ng iba.

“Siyempre, ang dami ko nang na-invest sa kaniya, no. Siyempre, ang dami na naming oras na pinagsamahan, tapos ang dami ko na ring mamahaling regalong naibigay sa kaniya. Tapos, aagawin lang siya ng iba?!” hugot ni Bea.

Matatandaan na noong taong 2019 ay labis ang pag hihinagpis ni Bea matapos di umano siyang ma “ghost” ng kaniyang ex boyfriend na si Gerald Anderson, na noon ay itinuturo na may third party.

Makalipas ang isang taon, inamin ni Gerald na magka relasyon na sila ni Julia Barretto, ang aktres na sinasabing naging mitsa ng hiwalayang Bea-Gerald.

Nagtagal ng tatlong taon ang relasyon ng dalawa.

Samnatala naman, tila impress na impress ang buong crew ng Bubble Gang sa premyadong actress na itinuturing na A-lister sa Kapamilya channel noon.

A-lister ang tawag sa mga artista na panay ang blockbuster movie sa takilya.

Ayon kay Faye Lorenzo, isa sa mga mainstays ng naturang Gag Show, lubhang napaka galing at natural ng aktres sa kahit anong scene.

Ayon kay Faye, “Parang kahit saan po siya ilagay puwede kayang-kaya niya po. Kahit mahaba po ‘yung script, [walang problema] kayang-kaya niya.

Dagdag pa niya, “Kasi nakausap ko si Kuya Betong [Sumaya], ka-eksena niya si Kuya Betong humanga rin sa kanya, kasi nga ang haba nung script niya wala man lang buckle. Hindi niya nalimutan, so grabe ang galing po.”

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