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Swap Looks Challenge ni Concon at Zeinab, Inulan ng Reaksyon Online!



Earlier this week, many fans were saddened when Youtube’s favorite couple, Concon and Ryssi, have announced their break-up. On his Facebook post, Concon announced that their break up is not a prank. He also revealed that a few days after their break up, Ryssi already went with rapper Skusta Clee, and has stayed at his home for more than a week now. Skusta is rumored to be the cause of their breakup.

Meanwhile, Skuta Clee’s ex-girlfriend, Zeinab Harake, was also dragged on the issue. Zeinab reacted after watching the viral video wherein her ex-boyfriend dumped her pajama in the toilet. During the video, Ryssi can be seen laughing in the background.

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Amid the controversies that are plaguing them on social media, it seems like Concon and Zeinab can easily bounce back on their feet. Instead of being bitter towards their former partners, they managed to turn the situation around by working together as a team! Recently, they released their first-ever vlog together.

For their special vlog, Concon invited Zeinab to do the swap looks challenge. In this challenge, they will be going under a thorough makeover to mimic each other’s looks. Even though this is the first time that they have met, it seems like Zeinab and Concon are already friends for a long time.

On the other hand, many people were impressed with Zeinab and Concon’s latest video. Their first ever vlog together became an instant hit to their fans! As of writing this, the said video has already reached more than 2.4 million views on Youtube alone.

Because of the success of their first vlog, many fans are hoping that there would be a part two. Concon hinted future collaborations with Zeinab by saying that this will not be their last vlog together.

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Sikat na Host at Aktor, Isang Ganap na Tatay na! Proud na Ipinasilip ang Cute na Cute na Baby Niya



For expecting parents, nothing is ever more exciting than finally meeting your baby. You spend nine months in excitement, while waiting for the day that you will finally meet your bundle of joy. Indeed, the happiness of seeing your first child is unparalleled. This is also how first time dad KC Montero felt, after his wife Stephanie recently gave birth.

The well-known host shared this wonderful news on social media. KC brightened up the day of his followers by sharing the first-ever photo of his healthy baby boy. Earlier this week, Stephanie gave birth to their son, Wyat Cody. KC shared a black and white photo that showed their baby’s half-face.

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As expected, many fans were thrilled for the first-time parents! Their followers on social media expressed support and well wishes to the couple. KC’s fellow friends in the showbiz industry also expressed their warm greetings to Baby Wyat.

The host paid tribute to his wife’s sacrifices and hard work throughout her pregnancy.

According to KC, right from the start, he has witnessed how his wife endured all of the pains that come along with pregnancy. In spite of this, she remained strong and kept on fighting every day for the sake of their baby.

“In about 30 days, we’re bringing a little angel into this world. I say we, but honestly it’s you. You’re doing all the work. You’re the one getting kicked in the ribs, your bladder punched, countless pin pricks to your fingers, just to name a few. You’ve done most of this on your own and I couldn’t be more proud to call you my wife.”

As you may well remember, KC and his long-time partner tied the knot just last year. In 2019, the couple exchanged “I do’s” in a solemn ceremony.

Shortly after settling down, the celebrity couple surprised their family and friends by announcing that Stephanie is finally pregnant with their first baby.

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Anak ni “King of Comedy” Dolphy, Ikinagulat ng Lahat ang Biglaang Pagpanaw Dahil sa Matinding Karamdaman Nito



It seems like 2020 is truly a tragic year. Throughout the year, the showbiz industry has also suffered many losses after several talented stars have passed away. Today, yet another icon has bid goodbye to us. One of the sons of the late “King of Comedy” Dolphy has passed away.

According to a report in Inquirer, Edgardo Quizon, more popularly known as Edgar, has passed away recently. Edgar was only 63 years old when he succumbed to a respiratory illness. According to his relatives, Edgar has passed away due to pneumonia.


The first person who broke this heartbreaking news is Edgar’s younger brother, actor and director Eric Quizon. On Instagram, Quizon broke the news to his followers by sharing a photo of his late brother, along with a somber message.

“Farewell, Kuya Edgar. May you find peace in heaven. Please hug Dad, Kuya Freddie, Kuya Rolly, and Dino for me. You will be missed, we love you. Rest in peace my brother,” wrote Quizon on Instagram. His post garnered a lot of reactions from the netizens.

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Just like his celebrated father, Dolphy, Edgar also joined the showbiz industry. He was a former actor who wowed many people with his charisma on screen. He is the “King of Comedy’s” son with his former partner, Grace Dominguez.

According to Quizon, Edgar’s remains will be cremated at St. Peter’s Chapel, Commonwealth, Quezon City. As of now, the details for his interment is yet to be announced. On the other hand, many netizens also expressed their condolences and sympathies to the family.


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Influential Celeb, Kinaibigan ang Isang Beautiful Actress Upang Malaman ang Baho Nito at Siraan sa Ibang Crew



As the old adage goes, looks can be deceiving. Some people appear to be saintly on the outside, but inside, they can be vindictive. That being said, we must always be careful and wary with the people that we surround ourselves with. You might think that they are your friend, but at the end of the day, you will find out that they are actually talking behind your back!

This is true especially in showbiz industry, where a celebrity has to project an alter persona all of the time to maintain their image to the public.

You can never be sure if one is your friend, or if she’s merely using you for her own gain. Earlier this week, a showbiz insider revealed what truly goes on behind the seeming friendship of a beautiful actress and her ‘friend.’

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The ‘friend’ is an influential celebrity who has been a seasoned actress. For many years, the influential celebrity has maintained her image as a good wife and a loving mother.

She befriended a beautiful actress when they worked together in a TV program. Unbeknownst to the young actress, the influential celeb is not a reliable friend.

“Naging masama na rin ang ugali ni [pangalan ng popular showbiz personality] nang maging close sila. Dati mabait siya pero malakas ang impluwensiya sa kanya ni [pangalan ng mapagpanggap na aktres],” says the showbiz insider.

Whenever the beautiful actress is not around, the influential celeb takes advantage of the situation to ruin her ‘friend’s’ reputation to others. She will treat the crew and staff to a hearty meal, then proceed to tell them ‘stories’ about the beautiful actress.

Of course, beautiful actress has no idea that this is what her friend is doing behind her back. Apparently, she’s not the first victim of influential personality’s smear campaign. Because of this, some staff members avoid influential celebrity because of the negative and toxic vibes that she brings to the set.

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