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Kim Molina, May Resbak sa mga Netizens na Pumuna sa Dibdib Niya



Earlier this week, Viva actress Kim Molina made headlines on social media. The 28-year-old “Jowable” actress became viral after sharing her ‘new normal’ selfie on Instagram, which immediately gained attention from the netizens. Many netizens commented on Kim’s glowing looks, while others can’t help but notice something amiss with Kim Molina’s cleavage.

In her post, Kim shared a selfie while wearing a black tank top. She also implied that she’s back in shooting, hinting at a new project with Viva. However, instead of celebrating this good news, some critics decided to make fun of Kim Molina’s cleavage in the selfie.

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But instead of getting affected by the critics, Kim responded with a witty message: “P.S. ang daming hanash: Problema niyo sa boobs kong hiwalay? Eh social distancing nga diba. In all shape or form, we are jowable. Sending good vibes to all,” says Kim Molina to her detractors on social media, referring to her 2019 romantic-comedy film “Jowable.”

On the other hand, many netizens defended Kim from her critics. They also admired her courage for standing up for herself and not taking negativity from anyone. Here’s what the netizens have to say about Kim’s body positivity message.

“Sino nambash sa boobs na social distancing? Kinabahan ako, required ba na magdikit? Hiwalay din kasi sakin, not unless isa lang boobs nila or kambal kaya magkadikit?”

“Di kasi nila alam kung ano yung natural sa gawang boobs, sanay na makakita ng perkpetong boobs pero di kaya ma appreciate yung natural na boobs. Hays mga tao talaga. Still ate Kim Molina you’re beautiful and sexy!”

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Do you also agree with Kim Molina’s mesage about body positivity? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

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“May inamin siya sa akin noong kissing scene namin.” JM de Guzman spills something about Barbie Imperial did before their kissing scene




ABS CBN proudly present their latest afternoon drama series, “Araw Gabi” top bills by newest screen duo, JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial, in their very first team up.

“Araw Gabi” tells about the fiery romance of Adrian Olvidar, a young corporate executive and Michelle Verano, an advertising agent.

Barbie’s confession

Media reports stated that the characters of JM and Barbie hint similarities to the movie 50 Shades of Grey’s Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. So, expect a lot of intimate and sizzling scenes, including kissing scenes, between the two stars.

In Boy Abunda’s late–night talk show, JM de Guzman revealed one funny and unforgettable anecdote about his on-screen partner, Barbie.

The 30-year old actor said that they have already managed to shoot a kissing scene together. That time, Barbie confessed something to him,

“May inamin siya sa akin noong kissing scene namin.”

JM recalled about the incident, then, quickly laughed.

“Sumuka pala siya bago niya ako halikan. Sumuka pala siya dahil may sakit siya tapos, so, after niya sumuka hindi niya alam kissing scene namin.”

He said Barbie was sick at that time and he thought, how he would react to what she admitted?

“So, inamin niya sa akin, sabi ko, “Thank you for the information. Sarap din.”

Matched together?

Aside from that, JM is all-praises for Barbie and described his 19-year old leading lady as someone who is pleasant to work with, talented and hardworking.

“Grabe po siya ka-trabaho in the sense na hindi po siya mabigat kasama and yung binibigay niya rin po para sa show sobra pong kaabang-abang.”

Araw Gabi is a TV adaptation of Precious Hearts’ Romance pocketbook titled “El Paraiso” penned by Martha Cecilia.

How do you react to the hilarious revelation of JM de Guzman about his co-star Barbie Imperial?  Do you think they are matched together as on-screen partners?

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Matapos ang Matagal na Paghihintay, Sikat na Singer, Magkaka-Baby na!




Having a baby is a blessing! Many women aspire to be a mother, that’s why having a baby is truly a dream come true. Motherhood is a different experience for every woman; it may come early for some, while it may also arrive late for others. For singer Maricris Garcia, after years of trying, her one and only prayer has finally been answered: she will soon be a mother!

The Kapuso singer shared this exciting news on Instagram. The 32-year-old star’s message was brief, but it’s filled with hope and excitement. She shared a photo of her and her husband TJ’s intertwined hands while holding a positive pregnancy test. Maricris was quoted as saying:

“Walang mapagsidlan ang aming tuwa! Sa wakas, dininig Niya ang matagal na naming dasal. Ngayon palang mahal na mahal na kita,” says Maricris Garcia on Instagram.

The singer wanted her fans to also be a part of her journey to motherhood, that’s why she immediately broke the news on IG. Maricis and her husband, TJ Cruz, were wed in an exquisite wedding ceremony way back in December 16, 2016.

The couple exchanged “I dos” in the historic church of Antonio de Padua in Brgy. Pooc, Silang, Cavite. Their star-studded wedding was attended by Maricris’ fellow singers and showbiz friends, and even execs of the Kapuso network.

For many years now, the couple has been praying for a baby. Maricris has always wanted to be a mother, and now her prayers were finally answered! According to the singer, even though she hadn’t met her unborn child yet, she’s already filled with love and excitement for her journey as a mother.

On the other hand, many people were also delighted with this news. On Instagram, thousands of fans expressed their support, prayers, and well-wishes to the couple. As early as now, many are already excited to find out the gender of their baby, but it’s still too early to tell.

Are you also excited to see Maricris Garcia’s baby? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

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John Regala, Malubha ang Kalagayan Matapos Isugod sa Ospital! Silipin ang Kondisyon Niya Dito



It seems like things are not looking good for former actor John Regala. Just recently, the 55-year-old ex-movie star was rushed to the hospital after he experienced from excruciating pain. Based on reports online, he is currently admitted to the National Kidney Transplant Institute after being swabbed for COVID-19. The current actor’s situation was shared by his showbiz friends on social media.

According to Chuckie Dreyfus, the actor had to undergo several tests to determine the severity of his conditions. Doctors are allegedly watching out for his liver and kidneys, which are not in good condition. Chuckie claimed that he will also undergo several more laboratory tests and ultrasound.

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“John is still facing from a lot of pain due to his complications. Medication cannot be administered freely because of the severe deterioration of his liver and kidneys. We need to wait until all his test results have come out before doctors can determine their next steps.”

According to Liza-Dino Seguerra, the actor is currently admitted to the emergency ward of the National Kidney Transplant Institute. Apparently, all patients who will be admitted needs to be swabbed for COVID-19 test first.

In addition to that, they also expressed their overwhelming gratitude to the people who have helped John Regala. According to Seguerra and Dreyfus, John need sour prayers and support now more than ever. They also promised to give timely updates about the actor’s situation from time to time.

The former movie star is currently battling liver cirrhosis for years now. But this time round, his illness has gotten worse. John has became bloated and weak due to his condition. When it becomes too unbearable, he often vomits blood which is why he requires utmost medical assistance.

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What can you say about John Regala’s current situation? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

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