Sarah at Matteo, Naka-Home Quarantine! Ready na nga ba Gumawa ng Baby?

More than 200 cases of coronavirus infections have already been reported in the Philippines. To prevent further spread of the dreaded disease, the government has implemented an enhanced community quarantine for the entire island of Luzon on March 15. This means that most of the population will be isolated in their homes.

Even celebrities and well-known personalities are not exempted from this community quarantine. Among those who are spending their time at home is celebrity couple Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli. The couple, collectively known as 'AshMatt,' tied the knot way back on February 20.

A month after their wedding, the couple was reportedly not leaving their house. In spite of the home quarantine, both Sarah and Matteo still keep themselves busy. It looks like they are easily adjusting to their new life as a couple.

On the other hand, many fans are seeing the quarantine as good timing for the newlyweds. According to some netizens, this might give Sarah at Matteo some time for their much-needed honeymoon. Some fans even went as far as saying that Sarah and Matteo can use the time to bond with one another and hopefully have a baby!

Meanwhile, many fans also lauded Matteo for stepping up to his duties as a husband. People have noticed how Matteo treats Sarah. In one video, the actor-turned-army-reservist can even be seen cooking breakfast for his wife, making Sarah feel like a queen!

"Matteo changes into a more responsible adult and husband. Please support your wife to have legal action to get all the money she has earned and Sherif to get her personal belongings. And also psychologist to recover from her abusive mother and unsupportive siblings and father," one netizen commented.

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