Raffy Tulfo, Umalma sa Mga Fake News na Kumakalat Tungkol sa Kanya

Amid the coronavirus outbreak in the Philippines, fake news are also on the rise. Some people are taking advantage of the situation by spreading fake or misleading information on social media. Among those who were victimized by this is renowned news anchor Raffy Tulfo, who addressed this issue on his Youtube channel.

According to Raffy, someone made a false post claiming that Raffy is praising several government officials for their fast response against the coronavirus outbreak. The host debunked this, claiming he never made such a claim about certain government officials.

"Wag naman po tayong magpakalat ng kasinungalingan. It's not fair to me, it's not fair to the people na pinupuri niyo kais nga po wala naman talagang katotohanan. Nagsisinungaling kayo, na sinasabi niyo na sila ay kapuri-puri para sa akin na hindi naman totoo," Raffy Tulfo said in his exclusive tell-all video.

Furthermore, the well-respected host also encouraged people to be more mindful of the information they see on social media, and always watch out for 'fake news' circulating online. During a crisis, some people are bound to take advantage and twist the dire situation into their favors.

"Hindi po maganda sa ganitong panahon na tayo ay nagpapakalat ng maling balita. Hindi rin po maganda sa panahon ngayon na tayo'y nagtuturuan, nagsisisihan at nag-aaway. Batikos dito, batikos doon. At kung ano-ano pang klaseng kaguluhan. Nakakadagdag po tayo sa problema."

In the end, Raffy claimed that the one we should be praising is the front liners like the law enforcers and medical staff. Indeed, during this crisis, they lay their lives on the line just to protect the people. For our part, we can show them support and appreciation.

Watch the video below:

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Raffy Tulfo, Umalma sa Mga Fake News na Kumakalat Tungkol sa Kanya Raffy Tulfo, Umalma sa Mga Fake News na Kumakalat Tungkol sa Kanya Reviewed by Publisher on March 24, 2020 Rating: 5