Pokwang, Naiyak sa Galit Dahil sa Basher na Tinawag Siyang 'Papansin'

During the coronavirus outbreak in the Philippines, people are relying on one another to get through. Everyone is doing their part to help others, and even well-known personalities are stepping up to ignite hope. Among them is comedian Pokwang, who has been providing food for the front liners ever since the outbreak happened.

Amid the outbreak, medical staff and law enforcers are the front liners to protect the people and prevent the virus from spreading. To show her appreciation for the front liners, Pokwang decided to repay their sacrifices by providing them with meals and drinks that she personally prepared.

On social media, Pokwang shared how they helped military personnel, policemen, nurses, and doctors who are laying their lives on the line. However, it seems like not all people were pleased with this. Some people left unsavory comments about Pokwang, claiming that she's just sharing her deeds to gain attention.

The 49-year-old comedian did not let this pass. On Instagram, she addressed her critics with a fiery response. She also revealed that people were guilt-tripping her just because she posted her acts on social media.

"Damed if you do, damned if you don't. Sa mga nakukunsensya sa mga posts ko ng pagtulong and calling me papansin, hahaha problema niyo na yan! Pumikit na lang kayo at manalangin! Yan na lang sana maitulong niyo sa bayan natin p*tah kayo!"

Because of the hurtful comments, Pokwang also admitted that she felt hurt. The Kapamilya star also called for unity during these times. According to Pokwang, instead of pulling each other down during this crisis, everyone must do their part to help others.

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Pokwang, Naiyak sa Galit Dahil sa Basher na Tinawag Siyang 'Papansin' Pokwang, Naiyak sa Galit Dahil sa Basher na Tinawag Siyang 'Papansin' Reviewed by Publisher on March 23, 2020 Rating: 5