Dalawang Lola, Nag-Flower Girl sa Kasal ng Apo Nila!

An Aklan wedding became even more special and unforgettable after the groom's grandmothers served as the ceremony flower girls. People on social media admired this wedding where two grandmothers served as flower girls. Even though they were already old and frail, they still want to witness their grandchild's special wedding.

Wearing a matching infinity dress, you could see the two grandmothers with big smiles while holding a bouquet and banner with the inscription "Here comes our grandson." Your heart will surely melt at this touching sight!

Netizens enjoy this scene shared by Studio Eight Photography at State of the Nation with Jessica Soho. According to the report, they wanted to be part of the entourage of the couple aged 83 and 86 but they could no longer be their parents so they were assigned to be flower girls.

Even the netizens who saw the picture of grandma couldn't help but admire the two grandmothers. According to one commenter, the newlyweds were fortunate because their grandmothers made it to their union. “Fortunately your grandparent were able to make it to your wedding! Long live grandma. God bless your marriage,” she commented.

According to Jassy M., it's great that grandparents have even been given the opportunity to become flower girls. The groom, Herbert Saladar, thanked the overflowing love that their grandmothers received.

“Seeing our happy faces and walking with us on the aisle is priceless. Thank you for the overwhelming love and joy, from me and my wife,” he said in the caption as he shared the report.

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