Binatikos si Ellen Adarna Matapos Mag "Party Party" Lang Kahit Quarantine

Ellen Adarna did not mince her words when she addressed her critics on social media. Earlier this week, the former sexy actress has been receiving a lot of unsavory comments on Instagram, claiming that she's not doing anything to help the nation during the coronavirus crisis. But Ellen had the perfect way to shut them down.

On Instagram, Ellen finally defended herself from the critics who were calling here 'insensitive.' The former Kapamilya actress revealed that she and her family actually made a big contribution to the city of Davao, but she just didn't share it on social media.

According to Ellen, Davao City Vice Mayor Sebastian Duterte, who has also been her former flame, messaged her and asked if they could use Ellen's family's property in Davao to quarantine people. Ellen revealed that she immediately obliged to help others.

"To some haters messaging me about puro lang ako "happy happy" and I'm not doing anything to help, here is my reply to you! Sebastian Duterte called me and asked me if it was possible to use one of our establishments in Davao and okay na. Solved na. Sabta mga basher na di kasabot."

On the other hand, many people also commended the actress for standing up to her demanding bashers. On social media, some people even claimed that as a celebrity, Ellen Adarna is not obligated to help others. Here's what one fan on Facebook has to say about this:

"Star are not obligated to help the people, that's what politicians are for. And if they do, they don't have to let the world know. To those who do, just do what you think is good and true. Salute to you Ellen and more blessings to come!"

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