Nasaan na Kaya Ngayon ang Sikat na Matinee Idol na si Onemig Bondoc?

The 90s era was truly remarkable. It's the height of Philippine entertainment, and many promising stars rose to fame during these times. Among them were matinee idols, who sent 'kilig vibes' to their teenage fans. One matinee idol who was popular during those days is Juan Miguel Rivera Bondoc.

More popularly known as 'Onemig' for his initials, he rose to fame alongside the biggest names of showbiz that time, including Kristine Hermosa, Angelu De Leon, and Diether Ocampo. Because of his undeniable charm and talent for acting, Onemig quickly rose to fame among his fans. His most popular gig was "Thank God It's Sabado."

To say that Onemig's career was phenomenal was an understatement. Back in the days, you might even remember his face plastered on notebooks for back-to-school girls. Onemig also had many endorsements, and his youthful face was also plastered in many billboards back in the days.

In spite of his flourishing career, Onemig went on to pursue a more private life. On 2006, many fans were saddened when the actor finally decided to turn his back on showbiz for good. Onemig was due to marry his fiancee, Valerie Barious, a half-French and half-Filipina commercial model and actress.

However, on 2013, the former-actor announced that they have decided to go their separate ways. For years, he fought for the custody of their son, contesting that his ex-spouse was not fit to take care of him. He won the custody battle and his son remains with him in Mariveles, Bataan.

Even though he's no longer in the spotlight, Onemig is contented and happy with his life as ever. He's a devoted and loving father to his kids, spending more time with them.

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