Mobile Home ng Isang Pinay sa US, Kinaaliwan ng mga Netizens

These days, the price of land and housing are skyrocketing in every part of the world. This is especially true in first-world countries, where the cost of living is incredibly expensive and is growing steeper every year. That being said, more and more people are looking for ways to find more affordable alternatives.

One of the rising trends these days is a mobile home, or a tiny house. This is a smart alternative to the traditional house-and-lot. The mobility of a tiny home means you can take it anywhere you go, while the limited space can pose a challenge to the owners. Recently, a Pinay living in the US decided to build her own mobile home.

This unique 'house on wheels' is owned by Marie, who shared a tour of her camper on her Youtube channel "HappyCamperMarie." Marie, also known as Maritess, shared her simple yet contentful day-to-day living in her happy camper.

Marie is already a citizen in the United States. In her years living in the US, she has already acquired a house and lot. However, every now and then, Marie wants to take a break from her usual house routines. Since she's a fan of traveling, she decided to opt for a mobile home instead.

In spite of the limited space, Marie's mobile home is complete with the comforts of a normal home. Just behind the driver's seat, Marie placed her reclining sofa, which can comfortably accommodate her guests. Her mobile home is also equipped with a fully functioning kitchen.

Many people were amazed with Marie's creativity and resourcefulness. Indeed, it will be a long time before tiny homes will be accessible in the Philippines. But that won't stop us from picturing ourselves in these cozy mobile homes, right?

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