Miss Uganda, Sayang ang Effort sa Diumano'y Pambabastos ni Derek Ramsay

Do you still remember Atuhumurize Evelyne? More popularly known as "Miss Uganda," she flew all the way from Uganda to see her idol in the Philippines: the one and only Derek Ramsay! In order to make her dreams come true, Miss Uganda sought the help of broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in the program "Wanted sa Radyo."

"When I was coming here, the immigration in Uganda asked me, ‘Evelyne, what are you going to do in the Philippines? And that time, the next day was Valentine’s, ‘I want to go and spend it with Derek Ramsay," this was Miss Uganda's exciting revelation during her interview.

During Raffy Tulfo's program, Miss Uganda shared her adoration for the hunk actor. To grant her wish, the famous broadcaster tugged some strings in order to arrange a meet and greet between Miss Uganda and her ultimate idol. What's better, the surprise is just in time for Valentine's day!

A few days before Valentine's, Miss Uganda was finally able to meet her idol. After years of just seeing Derek through pictures, now, his greatest fan can finally see him in flesh. And this is not just a typical meet-and-greet, because Miss Uganda got to visit Derek at his own home.

However, some netizens were a bit disappointed with Derek's alleged 'unpreparedness.' Miss Uganda was dressed in an elegant dress for their meet-up, however, Derek only greeted her in a simple sando and cap, which some netizens found 'rude.'

"Dear I didn't know she was getting fully dressed and made up. She wanted to meet me and i wanted to make her happy before she goes home. I invited her to my home so that its more private," this is Derek's response to the critics who were pointing out his informal outfit.

Nevertheless, we're sure that Miss Uganda was more than happy to meet her idol regardless of his outfit.

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