Melai at Jason, Pinalasap ang Simpleng Buhay-Probinsya sa Kanilang mga Anak

Most of the time, celebrity parents find it hard to balance their work and family life. But this has never been an issue for celebrity couple Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, who, despite their busy schedules, still manage to prioritize their family. Melai and Jason have two young daughters, Amelia Lucille and Stela Rosalind.

Just recently, the celebrity couple decided to take a break from showbiz and take their kids on vacation. The couple went to their hometown in Bohol to spend a few days with their relatives. Melai also took this time to let her daughters experience the joys of living in the province.

Even though Melai and Jason have a lucrative career in the showbiz industry, they made sure to let their children experience a simple yet content life. According to the "Magandang Buhay" host, she does not want her children growing up to be spoiled kids. That's why at an early age, Melai and Jason are already opening their eyes to the world.

In their vlog, the couple was shown to stay in a wooden house, far away from their luxurious home in Metro Manila. Far from the noise and pollution of the city, the couple and their kids were able to relax.

In spite of the lack of electricity and internet, this served as a breath of fresh air for the couple and their children, who very much enjoyed their stay in the province. Even though they're not used to these surroundings, Mela and Stela had fun in Bohol.

"Happy kami na ipa-experience kay Mela and Stela ang simpleng buhay sa probinsya. Sariwa ang hangin at kahit walang aircon, mahimbing pa rin ang aming mga tulog! Ang sarap balikan at lalo na ang mga pagkaing sa bakuran lang namin kinukuha para lutuin," Melai stated in the video.

On the other hand, many netizens commended Melai and Jason for their one-of-a-kind parenting. By showing them a simple life, their daughters will surely grow up thankful and contented of their blessings.

Watch their vlog here:

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