Mala-Hotel na Condo ni Iza Calzado sa Makati, May Walk-In Closet pa!

No doubt, being a celebrity is one of the most lucrative professions here in the Philippines. But the high pay for this demanding job comes with hard work and discipline. This is why smart and veteran celebrities choose to spend their hard-earned money wisely on investments, including real estate properties.

Iza Calzado is one of the most respected actresses in the showbiz industry. Throughout the years, she played iconic roles in various television series and films. That being said, it's not surprising why at age 37, Iza has an estimated net worth of $100,000 to $1 million.

With that money, the actress has already acquired many properties and assets. One of the things Iza likes to splurge on is her home. As a celebrity, she knows how important it is to come home to a relaxing place after an exhausting day at work.

In 2014, the 37-year-old actress sold her house and decided to move to a posh condo unit in Makati City, which brings her closer to her work. She lived in the condo unit for 6 months, before finally deciding to renovate it with the help of her good friend Nix Alanon, a renowned interior decoration.

Iza was fully hands-on during the renovation of her condo unit. According to the actress, she wants to take time to ensure that everything is going according to her preference: "Ang dami pang gagawin. Unti-unting binubuo..ayoko talagang magmadali just for the sake of filling it up."

Initially, Iza wanted to opt for a Frech-vibe, but later backed out after finding it too 'girly.' In the end, the actress settle for a modern yet edgy design, which she claims perfectly matches her personality: naughty and nice.

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Mala-Hotel na Condo ni Iza Calzado sa Makati, May Walk-In Closet pa! Mala-Hotel na Condo ni Iza Calzado sa Makati, May Walk-In Closet pa! Reviewed by Publisher on February 20, 2020 Rating: 5