Magtataho na Sinubuksang Isahan si Idol Raffy, Nasermunan!

Raffy Tulfo is known for his generosity and kindness. Throughout the years, the renowned TV5 broadcaster has helped so many people through his program "Wanted sa Radyo." Indeed, Tulfo has earned a reputation as a persistent broadcaster, but he has a soft heart for people in need.

However, Tulfo's kindness also makes him a prey to other crooks. There have been some cases when people take advantage of his kindness. Earlier this week, a taho vendor tried to trick Raffy Tulfo, but she got a taste of her own medicine. The host was enraged after discovering it!

As you may well know, hundreds of complainant flock outside TV5 studio every day to get help from Raffy Tulfo. Old or young, rich or poor, all of them line up outside the studio under the scorching sun every day. Because of this, Raffy Tulfo decided to show them appreciation by buying them food.

The kindhearted host gave free taho, icecream, and meal to all of the complainants lined up outside the studio. However, a supposedly fun and lighthearted encounter suddenly become heated when Idol Raffy found out that the taho vendor did not give all of her food to the complainants.

The host was informed of this, so he immediately came out to see what was going on. According to the taho vendor, she ran out of taho that's why she can no longer give more to the other complainants. However, when the host went to take a look, he was shocked to see the taho was container was still half-full!

"Ano 'to bubulukin niyo ito dito? Hindi! Ipamigay niyo doon. Ang dami pa oh! Nagagalit ako dahil ito ang dami kong kinuhang taho walo! Bakit niyo binubulok lang dito? Ano nangyari? Bat nandito?" This is Tulfo's angry tirades against the taho vendors.

Indeed, when you're too generous, sometimes people will try to take advantage of you. Fortunately for Idol Raffy, he's also wise, so crooks beware! Or else you might just end up like these taho vendors.

Watch the full video below:

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