Magkapatid na Mortal na Magkaaway, Napagbati ni Idol Raffy!

Siblings rivalry is quite normal, and it happens in every family. However, some siblings take their fights too far. Such is the case of Nida and Ricardo Sernal, whose sibling relationship was strained due to a simple misunderstanding. Nida approached Raffy Tulfo's program to ask help to resolve their issue.

At first, Nida complained of her brother Ricardo who was intervening with her love life. Apparently, her older brother is not in favor of her new lover, Robert, which he alleged to be a womanizer. But according to Ricardo, he was only protective of his sister since her boyfriend was already married.

This drove a wedge in their relationship as brothers and sisters. Ricardo won't back down, that's why Nida was prompted to ask help from Raffy Tulfo. Not wanting the two siblings to become distant from one another, the generous host did all in his power to come to a resolution.

With the intervention of their mother, the siblings were able to discuss things in front of their barangay captain. After a heated exchange, both Nida and Ricardo finally came to an agreement. Ricardo will never intervene with Nida's love life again for the sake of their elderly mother.

In the end, Ricardo even tried to make amends with the rest of his family and even Nida's lover Robert. He even gave his blessing on the two's relationship in front of their mother.

On the other hand, their mother was overjoyed to finally have peace between the two siblings.

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