Luis Manzano, Nagbigay ng P50k sa Kaawa-Awang Balloon Vendor

Do you still remember the heartbreaking news about the balloon vendor? Earlier this week, a prank-gone-wrong has endangered the life of balloon vendor Oliver Rosales from Manila City. While sleeping on the sidewalk, a group of teenagers set light on his balloons. Oliver suffered second-degree burns due to the incident.

Because of this, many people were enraged with the culprits. The balloon vendor had to be rushed to the hospital and what's worse, he lost his only livelihood, which went down in flames. Because of this, many people reached out to extend help to Oliver, including Raffy Tulfo.

Tulfo was truly affected by Oliver's situation, and he promised to bring justice to the balloon vendor. Among the Good Samaritans who also extended help to Oliver is actor and host Luis Manzano. The Kapamilya host used Raffy Tulfo's program as an instrument to connect with Oliver.

The host donated Php 50,000 in cash to Oliver. Since he cannot go to the studio because of his injuries, Oliver's father went in his place. You can just imagine their surprise and happiness after finding out that Luis Manzano donated a hefty amount for Oliver's recovery.

On the other hand, the teenagers who set alight Oliver's products were already taken into custody. According to some of them, who was still underage, they only meant to prank the balloon vendor and did not intend for the fire to get worse.

However, their excuses fell on deaf ears. At first, Oliver settled for a Php 35,000 payment, but Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno was insistent on giving the teenagers a lesson. According to Moreno, the Manila government will be filing a case against the suspects.

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