Lolo na Nawalay sa Pamilya sa 20 Taon, Sa Wakas ay Nakauwi na

Do you still remember the heartfelt story of Tatay Ruben? Way back in mid-2019, people on social media were swept away by the heartbreaking story of an elderly man named Ruben Concepcion. In spite of his old age, Tatay Ruben lives alone in a dilapidated hut with no family.

What tugged the heartstrings of the netizens is Tatay Ruben’s pitiful situation. In order to make ends meet, the 68-year-old man fixes umbrellas for meager pay. His good neighbor, Camille Ramos, decided to help Tatay Ruben by sharing his story on social media.

Camille proved that you don’t need money or influence to lend a helping hand. With the help of social media, Camille was able to change the life of Tatay Ruben. Indeed, not all heroes wear a cape! Soon enough, even the program “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” picked up Tatay Ruben’s story.

Right after he was featured in the show, help came flooding in. Most good Samaritans went to Antipolo to personally visit Tatay Ruben. GMA staff even assisted him in opening his bank account for the donations. Just imagine Tatay Ruben’s joy with all of the help he has received!

Now, after grueling months of waiting, Tatay Ruben will finally be back with his family. According to an update from Kicker Daily, a generous actress from the Kapuso network offered to pay for Tatay Ruben’s fare going to Bayawan City, Negros Oriental.

Finally, on January 18, Tatay Ruben went to the airport to finally see his hometown. Camille was also present, to make sure that Tatay Ruben will get there safely and to bid her farewell as well. Indeed, it’s amazing what many people can do united! If it wasn’t for the collective help of the people, Tatay Ruben will surely still be alone.

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