Kilalanin ang "Walking Encyclopedia" ng mga Pinoy na si Ernie Baron

Time flies so fast, and along with it are nostalgic memories of the past. One of the familiar faces that takes us back in time is Ernie Baron. Do you still remember this iconic TV personality? Dubbed as 'The Walking Encyclopedia,' Ernie Baron became a popular figure, especially among the kids, for his interesting trivia and facts.

If we have Kim "Kuya Kim" Atienza today, back in the days, our parents had Ernesto "Ka Ernie" Baron. A well-loved and renowned weatherman and broadcaster, Ka Ernie served as the Google and Wikipedia back in the days when the internet is not yet widespread.

Ka Ernie's career span for more than four decades. He became a familiar face in the television as a weatherman and news reporter for 'TV Patrol' in the Kapamilya network. Aside from being a trusted figure on-screen, Ka Ernie is also a gifted inventor, who often shares his knowledge on different platforms.

Millions of Filipinos tune in to the program DZAQ, which was transformed to DZMM Radyo today. One of the most-awaited segment was Ka Ernie's "Gintong Kaalaman," where he shared interesting trivia about various topics, like history, geology, science, and health. He also had another program known as "Knowledge Power."

Back in the days, students turn to Ka Ernie for his wise words and trivia. He's also an advocate for herbal remedies. In fact, Ka Ernie popularized the use of herbal medicines such as "pito-pito" and even cleansing diet. With his achievements and legacy, it's no wonder why Ka Ernie earned so many awards during his lifetime.

During the Star Awards in the year 2000, he was awarded as "Best Educational TV Program Host." In 2005, just a year before he passed away, Ka Ernie also received recognition as the "Broadcast Journalist of the Year" by the Film Achievers' Association.

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