Ina Raymundo, Supportive sa Mga Daring Photos ng Anak na si Erika Online

Ina Raymundo is one of the most popular sexy actresses back in the days. Ina played iconic roles in countless movies and television shows. She was known for her talent in acting, and of course, her sultry and charming physique. But just as equally stunning is her daughter, Erika Rae Poturnak, who has taken after her mother.

Indeed, the 18-year-old beauty has inherited the 'artistahin' genes of her mother. Erika particularly stole the spotlight during her debut way back in October 2019. However, some people thought that Erika's pre-debut shots were a bit too much and revealing. What does Ina have to say about this?

According to the 44-year-old actress, she is her daughter's biggest supporters. As a matter of fact, it was Ina who told Erika to flaunt what she's got and step out of her comfort zone. In spite of all the critics, Ina stands by her daughter's side:

"They were done tastefully. For me, it’s OK to show what she’s got. She was well taken care of. I was there, too. I told her to expose herself more on social media so people would know her more," Ina claimed during one of her interviews, wherein her thoughts were asked about her daughter's social media posts.

When asked if she's going to follow the footsteps of her mom in showbiz, Ina was uncertain. According to her, Erika has a love for singing, but she's still undecided whether or not she will pursue a career in the showbiz industry. But if it were up to Ina, she wishes for her daughter to continue college.

“Of course, if I’d have my way, I want her to take up a college course right after she graduates from high school, but if she doesn’t feel like it yet, I will not bug her about it. We can’t decide for Erika. I will just pray for her discernment."

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