Gabby Concepcion, May Pinariringgan Nga ba sa Kanyang Post?

Megastar Sharon Cuneta and her daughter KC Concepcion got into a feud earlier on January. According to Megastar, her daughter has been distant from their family lately. A few weeks after the feud, Gabby Concepcion took to social media and posted cryptic messages. Among his posts and IG stories, Gabby was quoted as saying:

"You're not being selfish for wanting to be treated well. Remember that." In addition to this, the actor also shared a quote about choosing battles wisely and avoiding negative people in one's life.

While Gabby did not mention any names in his post, fans put two and two together. According to some online sleuths, the actor might be taking a jab at Sharon and KC's feud. And from what it looks, it seems like Gabby is siding with his unica hija.

According to Sharon, KC has been so distant and quiet lately. She didn't even turn up for her mother's birthday and just greeted the 'Megastar' on Instagram. This prompted Sharon to post a detailed and heartfelt message to KC, recounting her distant attitude lately.

For some netizens, this is Gabby's way of siding with his daughter. In his post, Gabby mentioned something about wanting to be alone, and many netizens took this as an indirect support for KC.

On the other hand, ever since the feud got out, KC is yet to break her silence. In spite of Sharon's long and scathing message, KC has yet to answer her mother's allegations. As of now, the former singer is enjoying her time abroad.

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