Dating Child Star Isabelle de Leon, Mas Pinili ang Pageant Kesa Showbiz

Do you still remember the talented child star Isabelle de Leon? Back in the days, Isabelle was one of the most well-loved child wonders on Philippine television. At a tender age, she has worked with the biggest names in showbiz way back in the 90s, which became a stepping stone to a flourishing career.

As a child, Isabelle made an appearance in the movie "Magnifico." She amazed the people with her undeniable knack for acting in the movie, which is why she won the Best Child Actress Award. But her biggest break was when she starred in the sitcom "Daddy Di Do Du" as one of Vic Sotto's on-screen children.

Isabelle's new career is a far cry from her former roles on television. Back in the days, Isabelle was known for her wholesome roles, but now that she's already grown into a beautiful and mature woman, Isabelle is ready to take on more challenging roles. And now, she's dominating a new field.

In September of 2019, Isabelle de Leon was crowned as the Miss Multinational Philippines. She competed against 40 other hopefuls, and in the end, she outshone them all and won the most-coveted title. In pageantry, Isabelle has found her new passion: letting her voice be heard.

During the mock question-and-answer portion of the Miss Multinational Philippines, Isabelle was asked about her purpose in joining the pageant. Not wanting to hold back, the former child actress opened up about her passion for certain causes:

"I've always been active in certain advocacies and charities even before joining the pageant. This was a chance for me to grow as woman. I believe what it stands for and that's beauty with a purpose. To be honest, it took a lot of courage for me to join the pageant."

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