Batang Kamote at Tuyo Lang ang Baon, Nagpaantig sa Social Media

Poverty is not a hindrance to reach your dreams. No matter how difficult their situation is, motivated people still find a way to work on their goals. One of them is this little girl, who, despite poverty, still knows the importance of education. Her willpower and inspiring story touched the hearts of people on social media.

These days, what motivates kids to go to school is their allowance. Unfortunately, not all families are blessed with equal opportunities to provide for their children. In these circumstances, we can really differentiate the motivated students and those who are only going to school for allowance.

This little girl went viral on social media for her simple lunch. While the rest of her classmates were eating rice and dishes packed by their parents, this girl only had kamote and fish for her food. The girl on the picture was named Cristine Nonan, a student from Zamboanga del Sur.

Her teacher, Ma'am Almera, took Cristine's iconic photo and shared it on social media. According to Ma'am Almera, Cristine's parents were both farmers. Yet in spite of their impoverished life, Cristine was taught the important of education. This warmed the hearts of many people.

According to Cristine's teacher, she only wanted to inspire other people with her student's motivation. It turned out as well as she expected. On social media, many people were inspired by her story. Indeed, it's not every day that we get to see a young girl who is truly motivated to change her life.

On Facebook, some people even went out of their way to help Cristine. Some Good Samaritans visited her humble home and gave her food as well as financial assistance. Hopefully, this act of kindness and generosity from other people will inspire Cristine to study harder.

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