Ai-Ai de las Alas, Dismayado sa mga Gumagamit ng ATM

Proper waste management is a big problem in the Philippines. But the issue doesn't lie simply on the volume of waste or the lack of landfills. It is deep-rooted in every Filipino citizen's discipline. No matter how much our government tries to resolve these issues, nothing will ever change if we don't start with ourselves.

Even "Comedy Queen" Ai-Ai de las Alas took notice of this prevalent issue. Earlier this week, the 55-year-old comedian shared her disappointment on social media. On Instagram, Ai-Ai took a jab against people who do not mind their surroundings and just litter everywhere.

According to the Kapuso comedian, she was about to withdraw money from an ATM when she noticed the litters on the floor! Many crumpled receipts litter the floor, which was shown on Ai-Ai's video. What frustrated her, even more, is the fact that there's a nearby trashcan.

Ai-Ai stressed the importance of discipline, especially in public places. The "Comedy Queen" also went down the memory lane during her childhood days. According to Ai-Ai, back in the Marcos era, signage was hung in every public place to remind the citizens of their duties.

"Minsan maging disiplinado din tayo sa buhay naten. Ang kalat sa ATM ano ba yan. May basurahan naman sus. Noong araw bata pa 'ko noon panahon ni Marcos may slogan SA IKAUUNLAD NG BAYAN DISIPLINA ANG KAILANGAN."

Many people expressed their support in Ai-Ai's sentiments. Some netizens even compared the Philippines to other countries abroad, wherein strict discipline is a must, or else a simple violation can land you behind bars.

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