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Netizen Shared Their Experience After Receiving A Disappointing Lechon For Their Noche Buena.



A Facebook user named Noy Cayanan Roque Rcrim shared his disappointment on social media about a lechon baboy they will feast for Noche Buena. To their surprise, they received a dry, thin, and disappointing lechon, full of leaves inside of it.

According to the netizen’s post, they ordered a 5-kilo lechon online that cost PHP 7,500 with a PHP 400 delivery charge. They ordered the lechon baboy from a popular lechon catering service. Upon receiving their order, the delivery person accepted the payment without handing a receipt. When they open the packaging, they shook their heads in disappointment because it’s not what they expected.

The roast was very thin, the meat was dry, and the skin wasn’t even crispy anymore.

The caption of his post read:

On December 19, the delivery boy arrived and hand them their refund of PHP3,500. However, the netizen didn’t accept the refund because it was less than the amount they agreed upon. The netizen even mentioned that they will file a case against the catering service.

In fact, this is not the first time incident like this happened and posted on social media. A Facebook user named Clint Anthony Lim also shared his experience in receiving a lechon baboy that was full of leaves.

What can you say about that incident? Let us know your reactions in the comment section below.

Source: TNP



Sino Nga Ba Itong Napaka-Gandang Anak Na Babae Ni Ruby Rodriguez Na Usap-usapan Ng Mga Netizens




Tanda niyo pa ba ang unica iha ng aktres at Eat Bulaga host na si Ruby Rodriguez?

Si Toni, na madalas noong makita sa Eat Bulaga at paminsan-minsan sa palabas ng GMA ay isa na palang napaka gandang dilag ngayon.

Hindi tulad ng kaniyang ina ay mas nag focus sa kaniyang pag aaral ang dalaga, at saglit lamang na pumasok sa showbiz.

Ngunit sa edad na 20 ay masayang-masaya na ang buhay pag-ibig ni Toni, at engaged na rin!

Sa isang Instagram post ay ibinahagi ng dalaga ang kaniyang kasiyahan kasama ang kaniyang fiance, Ricardo “Rick” Centurion.

, “It has been 3 months and I know some of you are wondering why it took so long to announce it – to be honest, I have been itching to post it ever since it has happened! (I was told to wait…)

“Anyway, I suppose the time is right.”

Dagdag pa niya, “This guy @centurion_rick wanted to make sure I wasn’t gonna go anywhere and with that he locked it down with a proposal…

“I absolutely said Y E S! C’mon why wouldn’t I want to spend the rest of my life with this guy?

“He’s already more than what I ask for…”

Ayon pa sa kaniya ay sisiguraduhin niyang uunahin pa rin niya ang pag aaral bago magpakasal.

“Yes, I know some of you will say ‘but you’re too young!’ ‘you haven’t graduated college yet!’ (don’t get me started on when our grandparents were getting married and pregnant at a young age but no one said anything about that)

“This is not going to happen right away haven’t you guys heard of a long engagement?

“Yeah that’s what we are doing and we are damn sure about it; we both made this mature decision.

“Clichè to say it but once you know you just know – We both want to spend the rest of our lives together but we both have to finish what we are doing now (graduate college for me and he has to finish his army contract.)”

What can you say about this story? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below and let us have some discussions!

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A 50-Year Old Woman Who Looks Like Three Decades Younger Went Viral! Know Her Secret Regimen!




With fair skin, no wrinkles, sexy figure and no signs of aging, who would have thought that this 20-year-old looking woman is actually in her 50’s.

A 50-year-old Indonesia woman broke the mainstream of how should women over 40’s should look like. Having a slender figure and tight skin, you will never think that she’s 50.

On the pictures posted on the Instagram by her son, it shows that it’s her 50th birthday because of the number 50 candle on the cake.

On the post, her son used the #hadigenetics that probably claimed the fact that his mother won the aging game.

No other details how her mother won the aging game and stayed like a 20-year-old girl.


She probably has a healthy living lifestyle such as drinking a lot of water, exercise, eating vegetables, and her own genetics. How blessed she must be!

Some of you might be wondering what’s her regimen in maintaining her younger looking figure and all.

The question is, is she really 50 years old? Let us know your reactions in the comment section below.

Just click here to watch the video.

Source: Infact Buzz

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