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Davao-Based American, Nerisbakan Ang Paring Ikinatuwa Ang Trahedyang Nangyari Sa Davao!



A priest who laughed on a tragic accident happened in Davao was lambasted by a Davao-based American.

This is a part of Jonathan Watson’s open letter post, an American based in Davao City, to a priest, whom he refused to disclose the name.  But Watson seems to know what he is referring to because he taught at Ateneo De Davao University, where he also studied. Watson clarifies that the priest is from Manila.

This is the excerpt from his letter:

“I was also appalled to see a certain individual make a laugh emoticon over the article- someone who taught at Ateneo here but is originally from Manila. He’s a priest. For the sake of mercy, the greatest Christmas gift given to us by our Lord, I won’t reveal names.”